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Who Should Consider Functional Medicine?

We spend lots of time with our patients. Together, we’ll discuss your symptoms and your goals, all the things that contribute to wellness or disease. This includes things like diet, nutrition, emotional trauma, family history, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures. We will collaborate to create an individualized treatment plan that works, just for you.

Functional medicine is a relatively new way of looking at healthcare, and it has had tremendous success. Our Providers think “outside the box,” utilizing a totally different method and model in preventing and treating disease, focusing on treating the unique individual rather than a diagnosis code “in the box.” Functional medicine is medicine with a cause, guided by the goals of each client and in a partnership striving for long term health optimization.

Questions About
Health Insurance?

How Does It Work?

We spend time with our patients. Together, we’ll discuss not only medical symptoms but also diet, nutrition, emotional trauma, your personal lifestyle, and any exposures to toxins or reactions to inflammation. Next, we will collaborate to address your underlying causes through personalized testing by creating an individual treatment plan, just for you.

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The Key is Figuring Out the
Root Cause

This includes searching for individual components that might affect how your body functions, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Inflammation
  • Daily lifestyle, such as diet, activity, and stress
  • Environmental lifestyle

A Customized Plan.
Just For You.

Functional medicine’s ultimate goal is to restore your body’s balance and normal function. You are your own unique person, with health concerns specific to you.

We offer personalized care plans for each of our patients with distinct and extensive laboratory testing to dictate what treatment is right for you.

Root Causes’ plans are designed to help our patients reverse their specific imbalances that are causing their disease or prevent chronic conditions from occurring in the first place.

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