"We seek to be an instrument of healing, for people and for the world,
by exposing and effectively treating the underlying causes of disease."

- Dr. Guillory

Functional Medicine providers identify and address the root causes of disease by looking at each client as a unique individual with distinctive goals and underlying issues.

Root Causes Medicine is a functional and regenerative medical practice in San Antonio, Texas, devoted to evaluating patients as a whole person and searching for the unique causes that are contributing to illness. At Root Causes, we dig deeper into the underlying, and often hidden causes of illness and use natural methods whenever possible to relieve symptoms and reverse the progression of disease.

The Functional Medicine method provides a new way for medical providers to consider complex problems and provides a new way for patients to manage their illness.

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Why Root Causes is The Right Fit For You

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We provide primary care, true preventive care, and treatment for disease using a functional medicine model.
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Our new, 4,000 sq. ft. office is designed to promote a calm, cozy, welcoming atmosphere for you to receive the help you need. Since we treat all ages, your child or elderly parent will be comfortable during all their visits.

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We offer monthly seminars to support patient education and let people meet and speak to our providers face-to-face.

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We emphasize safe, natural treatment options whenever possible, while also recommending pharmaceuticals when appropriate.

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We offer payment plans for treatment.
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We work with your current doctors, therapists, and psychiatrist to integrate your new healthcare plan into your current circumstances seamlessly. You aren’t starting over from scratch.

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Why We Do It

Dr. Guillory was the most thorough and attentive doctor I’ve ever had when it came to assessing my medical history and understanding my condition.

Anna Yanta

Dr. Guillory of Root Causes Medicine has changed my daughter's life. After more than a decade struggling with depression, IBS symptoms, low energy and body aches, my daughter is now thriving.

Linda Geiger

Root Causes Medicine has given me a new lease on life! Doctor Guillory has assembled a team, administrative, and medical, that is professional, knowledgeable, and continually demonstrate a genuine concern for their patients. In less than 30 days Doctor Guillory and his team have eliminated my need for daily Opioid pain relief as well as made my chronic pain manageable without steroid injections. Doctor Guillory and his Dream Team accomplished this without putting me through the associated withdrawal symptoms of long term oxycodone use. Root Causes Medicine untied the Opioid chain that has been around my neck for 15 years, I find this to be nothing short of Miraculous! Keep up the Great work!

JD Weber

Root Causes Medicine has given me my quality-of-life back. I was told by a back specialist 15 years ago that I needed back surgery for two herniated discs. Dr. Guillory looked at my back and said he thought he could help. I was skeptical at first but willing to try anything. I felt better from the very first treatment and continued to get better with every visit. I only wish I had known sooner

Josh Price