A Journey to Better Health

Functional Medicine

At Root Causes, our goal is to help empower you in your journey to optimal health and wellness. Whether it’s true prevention, managing chronic conditions, relieving pain, or rejuvenating your overall vitality, we will work with you to create a personalized plan for living your best life.


The first step in your journey is to ask a few simple but very important questions.


  • Why am I sick?
  • What do I want in life?
  • Is there a path to healing?
  • How do I get on that path?


We are all making choices every day—often without realizing that we have made a choice. These daily choices are affecting our health, our longevity, our future, even our children’s futures, and may be contributing to disease that will present decades later.


The “Why am I sick?” question has an answer—and we can discover and effectively treat these causes of disease, together.


Part of this answer comes from understanding how the causes of disease always work together within two predispositions affecting each of us:


  • Genetics: the code we’re born with and can’t change.
  • Environment: which is every single thing we have experienced from the womb to today.


Understanding “causes” and “predispositions” is the first step in a long process that can lead toward healing.


In addition, because all of us are a unique product of our own unique genetics and our own unique environment, no single treatment plan will work for everyone. An effective treatment plan must be personalized to your perfectly unique genetics, environment, and to your individualized goals—which brings us to your next question “What is the one thing that I want with regard to health?”


As you can see, this process requires teamwork with a caring provider, and a lot of thought, effort, and time for those with chronic illness, but it can offer true hope for healing.


Schedule your appointment with Root Causes today and start on your journey to optimal health.